On3 Strategies has a proven process and a specific menu of services to address every area of your practice. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. You are a successful financial advisor, practice owner,  or small business owner, but something is keeping you from reaching the next level. You engage with On3 Strategies and we work to ensure growth and long-term success. 
  2. We employ a unique and engaging coaching methodology. We identify areas of focus, remove blockages, and help you create new opportunities for your practice or business. 
  3. We develop a plan that includes a combination of repeatable processes, active engagement with clients or customers, and team-wide organization and motivation for maximum efficiency. 
  4. We provide accountability and feedback, so that you stay on track.
  5. Our process achieves results. We help you unlock more opportunities and improve your growth trajectory. You realize more efficient growth, an increase in productivity, and a more consistent time balance between business and personal time.

Our Services

Below are the specific steps we use as your executive-level partner to lead you to a different way of organizing your practice, running it like a business and not just an old-fashioned brokerage firm. Click the + sign at right to expand each heading.

Client Servicing
  • Rank and organize clients
  • Create and coordinate customer service models with ongoing touchpoints and engagement
  • Create unique and engaging programs for marketing within the client book
Business Development
  • Networking with complementary professionals
  • 401(k) – managing plans and accessing business owners
  • Getting in front of retirees and affluent individuals
  • Expanding a network of business owners
  • Making decisions before they need to happen, not after
  • Getting compensation structure right
  • Building a team of senior advisors
  • Guidelines for when to hire, when to fire
  • Making CRM work for you: RedTail, Wealthbox, generic CRM
  • Practice management software: Orion, Black Diamond
  • Planning software: E-Money, Money Guide Pro
  • Streamlined data collection processes
  • Effective handoffs between team members
  • Reduced administrative burden … and fewer dropped balls
  • Tools to support growing and scaling your business with confidence
  • Insights into cross-selling opportunities
Implement Process & Procedure
  • Managing and tracking personnel
  • Client service models
  • The vital aspects of your practice:
    • Client onboarding
    • Depositing funds
    • Distributions/withdrawals
    • RMDs
    • Deceased clients/heirs
  • Provide a support team to make sure you’re telling the right story
  • Website development/updates
  • Developing a year-long plan
  • Ongoing social media, newsletters, web content
Platform Change
  • Understanding which platform is best for your business
  • Transition assistance
  • Support and service
Client Book Organization
  • Create clear investment models
  • Rank and organize clients
  • Create recurring service models
  • Leverage technologies for tracking
Changing Firm Types
  • Moving from Wirehouse/Banks/Insurance to Independent Broker Dealer
  • Moving from Independent Broker Dealer to RIA firm
Providing Resources
  • Access to insurance platform that provides sales, product and servicing support
  • Access to resources including accounting, mortgage, reverse mortgage
  • Access to ancillary services to offer added value to clients:
    • Bookkeeping
    • Care management
    • Legal/estate planning
    • Outsourced CIO

Coaching sessions may be onsite, offsite or virtual. Please contact us to learn more.